vaping tips

Tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate.
Hopefully this will get you off to a good start with your transition from regular cigarettes to the vaping world.
When first opening your VAPOR….

1. You must be 18 and over to vape and purchase vaping products. Nicotine is addictive

2. Unscrew the battery from the tank and base

3. Unscrew the atomizer base from the cone

4. Check the battery lights up when button pressed (sometimes they are shipped with minimal charge)

5. Fully charge your batteries before using.
6. Don’t over tighten your battery to charger

7. On some of the battery chargers, the light will change from green to red to green continually, or may even go green and stay green after only a short period of charge time. If either of these things happens, it is ok, your battery is still charging.

8. Fill your cartridge leaving 4 – 5ml clear at the top. Over filling can cause minor problems
9. Unscrew the mouth piece until it is removed. You don’t want to displace any rubber washers(clearomizer)

10. Tilt the tank to a 45 degree angle whilst filling.

11. Screw the mouth piece back in (careful with the washers) 12. Don’t over tighten your tank/mouth piece
13. Wipe the tank/cone and tip with tissue

14. Screw the battery onto the tank/cone

15. You may have to click your battery 5 times to turn it on

16. Make sure the wick has had time to soak before using. This avoids burning the wick.
17. Hold the button down while inhaling from the tip.
18. Release the button in between puffs

19. If the battery is getting hotter than usual, there may be a problem with your battery.

20. When you vape, push the button just before you start inhaling, not the other way around.
21. It’s a good idea to have 2 spare batteries. If one goes down you always want to still have 1 plus a spare.

22. Do not underestimate your vape system. Today’s vaping equipment is far superior to the electric cigarettes of yesteryear or the poor quality cigarette looking e-cigs that can be found in newsagents and supermarkets. A newbie will often cough his/her guts up after their first draw.

23. Your atomizer will naturally get warm, this is normal as it utilizes a heating coil to vaporize the nicotine fluid/air mixture. If it seems to be getting really hot, hotter than usual, the first thing to do is to unscrew the atomizer from the battery. this will remove all power to it. Next, check your battery to see if it may have somehow got stuck in the on position. Is the light still on? This means the battery is still on.
24. Think of this as quitting cigarettes. This is vaping. This is simply a cheaper, healthier and more socially acceptable way of nicotine intake.
25. Store your e-juice in a cool dry place

26. Keep your e-juice out of reach of children

27. Shelf life for E-juice is usually 12 months if stored properly.

28. Warm storing conditions can ferment your liquid and evaporate the ironized water levels.

29. If you are on a cone system, always have spare atomizers

30. Regularly clean your atomizer with grain alcohol (vodka) dry properly before reusing

31. When your atomizer does not seem to be producing the same amount of vapour as it used to, or it just seems to be running a bit sluggish, it may be time to change your atomizer.

32. Regularly break down your VAPOR into its individual parts and clean them.

33. Be careful not to fill cartridges to the top. This causes leaks and will also affect the vaping

34. Once the cartridge hole becomes bigger after several repeated fills, they can start leaking.

35. The batteries can be heavy. Make sure they are laid flat when charging so no weight is on socket/usb.

36. A little swill of vodka in your tank then draining it is a great cleaner between flavours

37. Cotton buds are handy for cleaning your threads

38. If you prefer long draws, try releasing the button for a second to avoid burning the wick

39. Don't buy big bottles of juice, try and buy no bigger than 10ml bottles. It stays fresher and its thrift worthy

40. Don’t eat your tip/nib/mouth piece. You may end up swallowing a little plastic cap inside your cartridge tip.

41. Keep your E-cigarette in a place where it will not come into contact with other metals such as coins or keys. These metallic items could cause your battery to turn on the atomizer when you are not using it and cause it to overheat. Keeping it in some sort of carrying case is best or a pocket with no other items.
42. After filling your clearomizer, try rolling the corner of a tissue and soak up juice sat on top of the white grommet inside. Make sure you don’t leave any tissue in.

43. Go easy on the button to preserve battery

44. Go easy on the button to preserve the wick

45. Go easy on the button to avoid burning out the atomizer.

46. Going easy on the button will also avoid a burn taste

47. If you’re using a cartridge system, make sure the cart is pushed in and a seal has formed to avoid leaking

48. Try not to draw too hard on the VAPOR as this can cause over-feeding. Use a long slow draw

49. Experiment by mixing juice flavours. Some like a menthol and tobacco flavour. You might have a bottle of chocolate flavour and a bottle of mint… Choc mint.

50. Keep separate carts and clearomizers for various flavours. Strong flavours like Mint and Absinth tend to stick around even after a good flushing.

51. You can wash any kind of polypropylene(plastic), Pyrex(glass) or metal tank with warm water

52. Air cans are handy for blowing debris out of nooks and crannies when cleaning.

53. Be sure that your battery has a good charge on it. If the light on your battery is blinking several times (most models blink 5 times when it needs charging, but this may vary) when you drag on it, it needs to be recharged.

54. Dropping your E-cigarette is not good for it. It is an electronic device and doing so can damage it. Just like dropping your I-pod, cell phone, or CD player can cause damage to it.
55. If you have not used your E-Cig for a period of 5-10 minutes, puffing once or twice before inhaling will prep the device, so as to allow more vapour to be released, similar to lighting a cigarette

56. Always ask the proprietor for permission to vape on his/her premises

57. Don’t vape in confined spaces with none vapers/smokers

58. You won’t get away with vaping on a plane but you shouldn’t have a problem in the terminal

59. You can never copy a cigarette flavour perfectly. Not unless you want all the nasty chemicals found in cigarettes. If you do opt for a tobacco flavour, think of it like changing brands.
60. The liquid smells stronger in the bottle than it tastes. Don’t be afraid to try the various flavours on the market. You will be surprised.

61. E-Juice has only a few chemicals which are deemed as safe for human consumption. Cigarettes have over 2000 which are considered dangerous. Taste is a small price to pay.

62. Nicotine is a stimulant. Don’t vape before bed if you want a good night’s sleep.

63. At first, VG/PG can give you a dry mouth. Keep yourself hydrated.

64. Don’t underspend. Vaping is a great deal cheaper than smoking, even if you buy the Ferrari of vaping equipment. So don’t settle for poor quality kit.

65. Do your research. There is a lot of information out there. Forums, flavour houses, suppliers. Know what you’re dealing with.

66. A dead battery will go on trying until it reaches the point it starts flashing, telling you it’s time to charge. In those approaching moments your vapour will be a lot less. Thus an indication a charge will soon be needed. Do you have a battery ready?

67. Buy a car charger with a USB socket.

68. Buy a carry case for your vape kit.

69. Bright obvious equipment will help you avoid people hassling you by assuming your smoking in public places. If it looks like a cigarette, people will assume it’s a cigarette.
70. Stealth vape. take a normal draw but when you release the button, carry on breathing in slowly. Hold it for a few seconds then blow out. No vapour will be seen but you will have inhaled the same amount of nicotine. ideal for places you dont want to create a vapour cloud.
71. letting your fresh juice sleep in a cold dark place for a couple of days will release the flavour.
72. Menthol flavour is great for when you have nasal problems, colds etc.
73. A variable volt battery can dramatically effect the hit and flavour of your vape.
74. Even with a clearomizer, you should avoid storing your VAPOR upside down. The seals are rarely air tight.
75. We've found using a long wick clearomizer works best with variable volt batteries because of the extra power.
76. If you find your VAPOR suddenly isn't working, don't be so quick to throw it away. It may be over tightening. Look in the base of the clearomizer. the very centre pipe/tube with the groove cut in it may have been forced inwards. This moves in and out like a plunger. Use pinchers, tweezers or a screw to grip and pull it outwards. don't worry, you have a good 5mm to play with.